ifsThe Foltin Group is currently known as a market leader in food wholesale and logistics in Hungary.

The Group’s first enterprise – Foltin Ltd – was incorporated in 1989, then in the beginning, we dealt with food retail and wholesale and import. The theoretical and practical experience we gained over the years enabled us to continuously broaden the scope of our business, while pinpointing developmental areas, specialization opportunities and innovative enterprises. The Group is a wholly Hungarian-owned and operated family business.

Our diverse range of activities covers almost every area of the spectrum of food trade: apart from food wholesale, in our ten thousand square meter warehouse at 20 Naplás Street, Nagytarcsa, we offer warehousing, distribution, logistics and commissioning services as well.

We work as exclusive Hungarian representatives of well-known foreign food manufacturers and we manage sales and distribution tasks on our clients' behalf of their products in Hungary, and we do all related marketing activities as well while making sure that our suppliers' products are available at as many food retailers as possible. We are also open towards domestic producers, the products of whom we successfully introduced to the multinational supermarket chains and commercial networks, helping producers to achieve greater turnover. If they wish, we can also assist them in exporting their goods.

Our main goal is to build and maintain transparent, reliable and long-term business relationships, to satisfy both parties. This is why our quality assurance policy is of paramount importance: apart from the ISO management standards and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), we recently introduced the IFS quality management system as well.

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