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isoApart from our commercial, distribution, toll manufacturing, warehousing and logistics activities, to underline Foltin Globe Ltd’s commitment to safe and high quality food, we introduced a food quality assurance check list, the HACCP system. Our goal is to satisfy all of our buyers' needs through our activities and therefore gain their trust. The system is run by the HACCP team and we continuously revise their findings via internal audits. The company has shifted from the ISO to the IFS system, which guarantees improved market presence and at the same time, satisfies our partners' continuously increasing expectations.

The maintenance of the regularly revised and perfected documentation of the food safety management system guarantees the products’ safe and traceable life cycle. Management takes an active role in the maintenance and execution of food safety-related activities. We provide continuous trainings to our employees making them fully committed to quality assurance during their daily tasks so they can do their jobs meeting the highest of industry standards.

We always abide by the prevailing legal regulations governing food safety. The company continuously monitors, revises and improves the infrastructural conditions, both to our commercial and toll manufacturing activities, to provide the smoothest operation possible. We make sure our suppliers' products are in line with all the latest food safety requirements. All of our employees take full ownership of the quality of their work at all times and are encouraged to add value to our firm’s success through their expertise as well. We also go the extra mile to do business in an environmentally friendly way.

The management team is committed to execute the company’s tasks to which we provide every necessary resource.

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