Food Distributor

We offer solutions to food manufacturers to achieve greater turnover and development by making their products accessible all over Hungary. Our firm is striving to achieve excellence in developing fruitful relationships with Hungarian food retail chains and networks for over 23 years. We will use all of our expertise in product management, handling and marketing activities to help your products break in to new frontiers.


  • improved turnover
  • cost-reduction
  • hypermarket cataloguing
  • marketing support
  • leaner operation
  • quality assurance

In case you wish to hand over distribution of your products to reduce costs and achieve leaner operation, we could assist you with that. Our experienced sales force will take ownership of all related marketing and sales activities. Meanwhile, our quality assurance system will make sure the food retailer chains will always receive your product in excellent quality.

We welcome food manufacturers among our suppliers who – just like our Organization –, keep continuous innovation, product development and portfolio diversification close to their heart. Our business partners who supply our “Globetti” products – after the mutually agreed terms are met –, we maintain the right to have exclusive distribution domestically.

As a proof of our commitment to our partnership with the development of small and medium-sized businesses, we have been enabling our partners for years to be exposed to our most prominent buyers by aiding them through the representation and coordination of their distribution and marketing activities.

You are more than welcome to become our supplier.